We Eat

At our Thursday gatherings people arrive around 5:30PM to eat a simple meal and chat together before we begin a Bible study around 6:15PM.

Children's Time

While the adults study the Bible all children are invited to a special children’s class in an adjacent room. The class is age appropriate and includes games, songs and crafts. Children aren’t required to attend, but they’re sure to enjoy it if they do! 

We Worship

We sometimes sing a few upbeat worship songs. Don’t worry if you don’t know the music – you’re welcome to just listen or hum along.

We Pray

Usually everyone bows their heads and closes their eyes and our pastor prays out loud to God and then invites volunteers to pray too. But don’t worry, taking part is only if you want to. We often pray for friends, family and the sick.

We Study the Bible

Most weeks we read a section of the Bible and then discuss it. Our pastor or another leader in training leads the discussion, but everyone is encouraged to ask questions and share personal stories. If you don’t have a Bible we have one you can use. We’d never make you read aloud or answer questions – how much you participate is completely up to you.